We find unique and unusual books from around the world —and around the corner— and bring them to you!

Who we are.

Massy Books is a funky retail destination in Vancouver’s SOMA neighbourhood—made all the more vibrant by the book lovers who walk through its doors. It’s a place people feel welcome to explore and ask questions, and to browse in ways that give pause to the day.

What we are.

Imagine a place full of wordy, quirky, artsy, connectivity. That place is Massy Books. When it’s not an emporium of bookish delights, it’s a community space where people gather to share conversation, connect and organize.

What we believe.

Books have a kind of portable magic that accelerates curiosity, sparks conversations, makes connections and incites action. We believe in the power of books to enrich lives and build community.

    • There’s more to us than meets the eye! Our storefront is an inviting 1100 square feet of ready-to-buy books. But we also have a warehouse—double that size—with thousands of overstock. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our shelves, it just might be in our warehouse. Just ask, and if we’ve got it, we can have it in the store within 24 hours. If not, we’ll reach out to our network of bookseller friends and professional book scouts on your behalf.
    • Our business model is unique, inspired by Second Story Books in Washington, DC and adopted as a way to make a go of it despite Vancouver’s high rents. With a small store front and a large warehouse, our focus will be on well-curated books onsite, with offsite access to more mainstream and popular books (by appointment). – COMING SOON
    • We are committed to environmental sustainability. We use biodegradable bags, and package and ship our books in recycled paper and cardboard. And, we’ve partnered with a local architecture firm that donates their old drawings so we can repurpose them for packaging online orders. Very cool.
    • Sometimes we just have too many books for our own good. When that happens, we donate the overflow to charities in the community. Also very cool.